Seaweeds Biostimulants increase the yields of Organic Cultures

Discover the range of WAIKAITU root and foliar biostimulants, liquid seaweeds concentrates made exclusively and 100% from New Zealand brown seaweeds Undaria Pinnatifida (Wakame) .

WAIKAITU harvests brown seaweeds in the pristine waters of the New Zealand Marlborough Sounds. .

Why chose WAIKAITU Products

The Undaria Pinnatifida from New Zealand is the cleanest on the planet,according to the results of analysis of food products made by Mike ADAMS,director of the independant food lab FORENSIC LAB who has analyzed a long list of brown seaweeds of this undaria pinnatifida species  found on the market from more than 20 different origins.He published his results in his video  “Heavy Metals Tests Results” ,Here are his conclusions  :

"Heavy Metals Tests Results”,a Mike ADAMS Video ,the Health Ranger,NATURAL NEWS FORENSIC FOOD LAB.

Mike ADAMS also confirms in another article published on having detected during his Food Lab  analysis up to 500 different types of environmental toxins while analysing different types of agricultural fertilizers available on the market.Also known as The Health Ranger,Mike ADAMS cause is the protection of consumers health. For Plants Health and Consumers Health,Waikaitu created a range of Five Seaweeds Biostimulants for the organic Agriculture; made with New Zealand Undaria Pinnatifida:

 NZBioAmino  (Seaweeds ;High Nitrogen Content & Amino Acids)

 NZBioActive (100%  Undaria Pinnatifida Seaweeds from New Zealand)

 Fruiguard  (Brown Seaweeds Wakame Extract with Antioxidants;Polyphenols & TMG for Grapes and Cherries)

 Osmofort (Brown Seaweeds Wakame Extract  with High TMG Designed for beautiful Pastures)

 Nitroboost  (Brown Kelp and Protein Hydrolysates)

Ten Amazing Benefits of Biostimulants

1-The Organic Certification: The WAIKAITU Biostimulants are  certified organic by  BIOGRO and regularly analyzed by the EUROFINS laboratory as well as by other french labs .

2-High Nitrogen Content: Liquid seaweeds concentrate made 100% of brown seaweed undaria pinnatifida,NZBioAmino contains 9% Nitrogen,which is currently  the highest nitrogen content on the  market of Seaweeds Biostimulants,which makes it a product unique of its kind .

3-The composition (made exclusively and  100% from brown seaweeds Undaria Pinnatifida (Wakame) is an exclusivity of WAIKAITU .The  WAIKAITU Biostimulants drastically increase the plants immune system with their 71 mineral and vitamins nutrients.

What if it cost you less to use a product beneficial for your organic cultures?

4-Enriching Soils:Application of biostimulants to soils progressively enriches them in an accumulative manner while providing plants with 71 vitamins,minerals,ad amino acids.

5-Immunity: Biostimulants significantly.strengten   crops immune system as well as their capacity to resist to all types of abiotic stresses,frost,drought , parasites.

 6-Purity:WAIKAITU liquid seaweeds concentrate WAIKAITU is free of any environmental toxin or heavy metal (zero cadmium,zero lead,zero mercury!...) The fact that the New Zealand Seaweed comes from the most pristine waters on earth thanks to a total absence of any polluting industry in the country may then be the primary purchase reason for growers who care about consumers health.Guess why New Zealand apples hold the world record of low toxic residues in their skin.

7-Increased harvests:  Biostimulants are rich in trace minerals , amino acids and natural plant hormones that promote root development and increase their root mass while protecting them against any abiotic stress ,they also contribute to enhance plants vigor and vitality as well as to increase harvests.

8-The Low Temperature Extraction Process preserves the full bioactivity of the active  ingredients and the high biostimulant power  of the extract.

9-The increase in Chlorophyll content  of plants that have been treated with biostimulants can reach up to 49 percent.The soil structure is enhanced by biostimulants application as well as its capacity to retain moisture.

10- Absence of toxicity: WAIKAITU Biostimulants are totally safe to use and thus do not require the use of protection equipment

Great Results in Provence with WAIKAITU Seaweeds Biostimulant

Image 1: Organic Pak Choi Cabbage from Thailand : Picture taken  3 weeks after planting the seeds.

Image 2: Ningxia Chinese Goji Berry Trees Flowering,  The Goji Berry trees are already  

2 meters high just one & 1/2  year after planting the Seeds.

Image 3: Organic Ningxia Goji Berry Trees Fruits 1 year after planting seeds

Image 4: Hibiscus Flowers from Thailand 6 months after planting Seeds- Indoor Garden - Provence

Image 5: Organic Mangoe Trees from Spain in Provence

Image 6: Organic Avocado Tree from Peru in Provence

Image 7: Organic Vana Tulsi:Ocimum Gratissimum, Holy Basil from India Provence

Image 8: Organic Butterfly Pea Flowers from Thailand in Provence

Image 9: Organic Roselle Hibiscus Sabdariffa from Spain in Provence.The Trees are

1,80 m High 5 months after planting from Seeds !

Hibiscus-flower-in-provence-300pxSlide thumbnail