Waikaitu NitroBoost contains seaweed extract mixed with protein hydrolysates which are the organic material obtained by the hydrolysis of proteins to their constituent amino acids and short polypeptides. Waikaitu NitroBoost is made from sustainably harvested brown kelp from New Zealand’s clean waters which makes WaikaituNitroBoost very low in heavy metals.  Waikaitu NitroBoost can be used in conjunction with standard fertilizer programs.

In independently conducted research on Strawberries and Lettuces in California NitroBoost was used to replace up to 50% of Ammonium Nitrate with a much smaller amount of NitroBoost and still maintain plant growth rates, yields and leaf nutrient levels.  This led to over 60% reduction in Nitrate leaching and ammonia volatilization.   


Waikaitu NitroBoost combines fresh New Zealand made seaweed extract with an organic source of animal and vegetal protein hydrolisates to deliver 5% Nitrogen. Applying NitroBoost with Chemical Fertilizers will chelate and buffer Nitrates reducing damage to soil bacteria. NitroBoost helps to fix Nitrates in the soil and reduce leaching and ammonia volatilization.  This protects the environment without negatively impacting yields.  Additionally, NitroBoost supports the plant immune system to induce resistance to adverse weather conditions.

  •  Clean

Made from seaweed grown in clear waters of Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand. Independently measured to have the lowest levels of heavy metals.  Free of Potassium Hydroxide, Amino Alcohols and Tertiary Ammonia Compounds. Non GMO.

  • Highest Quality and Cost Effective

We pride ourselves on creating the best possible quality product. And with 70% organic dry matter and 5% N at a very competitive price it means a great value for the grower.

  • Great in Combination with other products

Supports assimilation of Nitrogen and trace elements.  Improves ripening and fruit organoleptic quality. Synergistic action with most crop protection products. Chelates minerals and crop protection chemicals for rapid absorption. A great wetting and sticking agent when applied foliarly.

  • Comprehensive

Provides up to 71 key nutritional elements in perfect balance. Nourishes both the plant and the beneficial soil bacteria. Contains a complete range of essential amino acids.



Total Nitrogen (N) 5.0% Water Soluble Nitrogen 5.0%

Soluble Potash (K2O) 1.0%

Derived from 65% soybean protein hydrolysate,  35% animal protein hydrolysate  and seaweed extract(Undaria Pinnatifida)

Hazard Classification:  This product is not classified as a hazardous chemical under OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200 (HCS)


Apply Waikaitu NitroBoost by foliar application or in fertigation systems.

Foliar Application Rates and Crops:

Pome fruit: 0.75-1 gal/acre.  Make up to 3 applications prior to flowering and 1 post-harvest.

Stone fruit: 0.75-1 gal/acre.  Make up to 3 applications prior to petal fall.

Sweet cherries: 0.75 gal/acre.  Make up to 4 applications prior to color break.

Vegetables:  0.75 gal/acre.  Make up to 4 applications after planting at 14 day intervals.

Grapes: Make up to 4 applications prior to flowering.  Do not apply more than a maximum 1.5 gal/acre/season.

Kiwifruit: Apply up to 4 sprays at (1) first bud set, (2) pre-flower, (3) post-flower and (4) early fruit sizing. Do not apply more than a maximum 1 gal/acre/season.

Tomatoes: 1.25 gal/acre.  Apply first application at 2-3 weeks after planting and then at 14 day intervals up to 4 applications.

Peppers: 1 gal/acre.  Apply first application at 2-3 weeks after planting and then at 14 day intervals up to 4 application.

  • Fertigation Application Rates and Crops: 
The objective is to replace up to 40% of the existing conventional Nitrogen inputs by using Waikaitu Nitroboost. Apply the season maximum rates below in multiple fertigation applications waiting at least 5 days between applications of Waikaitu NitroBoost.

Lettuce:  10 gal/acre/season.

Strawberries: 15 gal/acre/season.

Peppers/Capsicum: 12 gal/acre/season.

Tomatoes: 12 gal/acre/season.

Shake well before using.

Available in 20, 200 et 1000 liters sizes.

Minimum Order Requirement: 20 tons container 20 feet/6 meters long

Possibility to order 1 ton Pallet for Tests in R&D

Packaging: in 1000 Liters IBC caged tanks on pallet .

Shipping:By Sea


For all sales inquiries, send an email to Miss Sabine FAURE Sabine@SabineFaure.com  , WAIKAITU France Office

or to Mr Alexander PRESSMAN Alex@Waikaitu.com  , WAIKAITU LTD New Zealand Office .



High Quality and

Cost Effective

Great in Combination

with other products